The movement is star-struck. Check out these celebrities who are putting their weight behind stopping diabetes.

After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in Feb. 2011, during the highlight of his racing career, Ryan's approach in his life, career and goals in racing changed.

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This month’s featured sponsor honor goes to Novo Nordisk, one of the world’s leading companies in diabetes management.  

Novo Nordisk is the National Premier Sponsor and National Red Strider Sponsor of Step Out: Walk to Stop Diabetes, a national event encouraging people to become more active and healthy. Novo Nordisk supports targeted research efforts through the American Diabetes Association-Novo Nordisk Research Award in Neurohormonal Control of Metabolism and the American Diabetes Association-Novo Nordisk Award in Diabetes and Hypoglycemia. The company also provides grant support for the Association's legal advocacy platform, enabling the Association to prevent discrimination and better assist those with diabetes to ensure their legal protections. The company is a founding sponsor of Pathway To Stop Diabetes, a research program designed to find the next generation of diabetes researchers.

The American Diabetes Association thanks Novo Nordisk for all their efforts and continued support to Stop Diabetes®