Gilberto Santa Rosa

Gilberto Santa Rosa

My connection to diabetes is through my parents. They suffered from the disease. I inherited it from them.

I joined the movement to Stop Diabetes® because I've seen the physical complications of my parents and the consequences that come with the disease. But overall, I'm worried about the lack of information that patients have about the disease. Diabetes has impacted the lives of those around me in a dramatic way. Now, everyone is aware of what I eat and what I do. They are also aware of the consequences and lack of information.

A typical day in my life with diabetes is waking up early, having a complete breakfast, taking my medication and then keeping up with my regular work routine.

My message to the Latino community is to take good care of yourselves. Look for information about the disease to educate yourselves. Follow your doctor's advice and instructions. You have to keep up with your medication as directed. Do not follow the myths. If you have a doubt, ask your doctor to be sure what's right and what's wrong.

I saw the devastating toll diabetes can take on a family as I watched my own parents battle the disease. You or someone you love may be at risk. Take the steps you need to better manage your health and the health of your family. Join me in the fight to Stop Diabetes.