About Us

The American Diabetes Association has launched a movement to Stop Diabetes®. The goal of the movement is three fold:

  • To educate the general public about the devastating physical, emotional and financial toll diabetes wreaks every hour, every day, every year on tens of millions of American children and adults
  • To ignite a sense of urgency about diabetes and its deadly consequences; and
  • To inspire individuals, families, communities, corporations and health care providers to get involved and help to change the future of diabetes.

With nearly 26 million children and adults in the United States living with diabetes, and an additional 79 million Americans at risk, simple awareness will no longer suffice.

As many as one in three American adults will have diabetes in 2050, unless we take steps to Stop Diabetes.

Diabetes is not merely a condition. It is an epidemic. Drastic action is needed, and a new hope is required.

Now, we hope millions will join us in the national movement to Stop Diabetes:

  • To stop it from stealing moments, hours and days from millions of people affected by diabetes.
  • To stop the anxiety, fear and heartache it causes every day.
  • To stop the blindness and amputations.
  • To stop discrimination against people with diabetes.
  • To stop it from haunting our children's future and from stealing our loved ones all too soon.

Join us. Together, we can Stop Diabetes.