Louisiana Safe at School Victory

We did it!

Thanks to Louisiana Diabetes Advocates, Senate Bill 759 was signed by Governor Bobby Jindal on Friday!

This bill allows school employees to volunteer to be trained to help children with diabetes with essential care tasks. These tasks include administering insulin, which is needed multiple times a day, and glucagon, a hormone needed in the case of dangerously low blood glucose levels.

This bill also allows children to self-manage their diabetes while at school if they are capable of doing so. Now, Louisiana’s children can be safe at school.

Special Thanks

I would like to give a special thanks to the bill’s sponsors, Louisiana State Senator Ben Nevers (District 12) in the Senate, and State Representative John F. “Andy” Anders (District 21) in the House.

We are so fortunate to have Dr. Vivian Fonseca, the Association’s President, Science and Medicine, right here in Louisiana pushing for our kids along with our terrific Louisiana Advocacy Chair, Eloise Keene, and our Executive Director, John Guzzardo and his amazing staff.

And a heartfelt thanks to Susan Holden, Melissa Kaiser, Lisa Martin, Kristi Tollett, and Michael Markey, and all the other parents of children with diabetes who told the stories that only they can about how it feels to know your child is at risk every school day.

Senator Nevers had this to say about our important victory:

“This legislation is an important advancement in ensuring the health care needs of all of our students are met. Moving forward, no child in Louisiana will lack the support needed to manage their diabetes and their health, allowing all of our students to be medically safe at school.”

We appreciate the hard work of all involved and know that this work will lead to better school environments for students with diabetes in Louisiana. We know we can continue to count on your support as we work to ensure the law is implemented across our state. Thank you again for all you do to Stop Diabetes®.