Advocate at Hometown Events

Share your passion for stopping diabetes through advocacy with others in your hometown!

The American Diabetes Association is looking for Diabetes Advocates who are willing to deliver our vital advocacy messages and engage others in advocacy activities - both at our own Association events, and also at other community events.

Your hometown advocacy activities are coordinated by a volunteer Community Leadership Board Advocacy Chair and local staff. Complete the simple form below  and we’ll connect you with the local volunteers and staff who can get you started!

View a map of the State Advocacy Directors’ territories and their contact info.

What You Might Do

  • Help gather petition signatures at a Step Out Walk or Tour de Cure ride. Recruit more support for our key advocacy priorities like keeping kids safe at school, or securing federal funds for diabetes research and prevention.
  • Share Safe at School campaign materials with families at Association programs like Camp registration day, Step Out walk, or a Family Link social event. Make sure students with diabetes in your hometown get the care they need to learn and be healthy at school.
  • Share information and materials to help people with diabetes fight for fairness. Help people understand their legal rights and let them know how the Association can to help make sure they are treated fairly in the workplace, at school or anywhere in their lives.
  • Looking for more? We have a whole menu of ideas your local advocacy chair or local staff would love to hear from you! Find the local office in your area to get started.

Let Us Know

Ready to get started? Let us know what you’d like to do!