Meeting with Elected Officials

American Diabetes Association Diabetes Advocates meet with public officials at all levels — and of all parties — in order to educate them about public policies that affect people with diabetes.

One of the most effective ways to get support for our advocacy priorities is through face to face meetings between elected officials and the people from their own districts — people who are personally affected with diabetes — like you!

By sharing your own story about diabetes, you can help your mayor, your governor, your state legislator or your member of Congress understand diabetes on a personal and local level. We need your voice!

Action Ideas

  • Join in a state advocacy day event. Many states have day-at-the-capitol events;  make sure you’re signed up with our action center, so that you’ll get an invitation to register if your state has an upcoming event.
  • Meet with State Legislators or members of Congress during recess.  An in-district meeting during recess is a great way to deliver our messages about upcoming or proposed legislation. Association staff can provide you with key talking points and fact sheets to leave behind.

Let Us know

Ready to get started?  Let us know what you’d like to do!