Impact Statement

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission, to prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes, is illustrated in everything we do.

For the nearly 26 million people living with diabetes, the 79 million people who have prediabetes and are at increased risk, and the family members who love and care for people with diabetes, the American Diabetes Association works tirelessly every day to provide valuable programs and lifesaving resources, while at the same time never losing focus on the search for a cure.

Life free of diabetes and all its burdens is the vision that guides the work of the American Diabetes Association. Our programs and resources are far-reaching and touch the lives of all who are affected by diabetes as we lead the nation in a movement to Stop Diabetes®.

Our Impact

The American Diabetes Association’s impact in the fight to Stop Diabetes can be felt on every corner in every community. From backyards to schoolyards, from research laboratories to health care providers’ offices and from diagnosis to beyond, we are fighting to make sure that individuals, children, and families across the country have the resources they need.  The Association answers the call and provides valuable information for those who love and care for people with diabetes.

A Scientific Authority

The Association educates health care providers who are seeking the latest standards in diabetes care so they can provide the best care for their patients. We are the world’s scientific authority on diabetes care, working to ensure that people with all types of diabetes, and those at risk, have access to the care they need to stay healthy.

Advocating for your rights

As the voice for people who have, or are at risk for diabetes, the American Diabetes Association pays attention to what’s happening on Capitol Hill, while also keeping an eye on the needs of individual states.  In addition, our commitment to ending discrimination has taken us to courtrooms across the country, standing up for individuals who were prevented from managing their disease or told they were not welcome because they have diabetes. And when the laws don’t protect people with diabetes from discrimination, we successfully fight to change the law.

Reaching communities

The American Diabetes Association believes that awareness, diabetes management, and prevention begin in communities across America.  We have deep roots that provide a wealth of culturally appropriate information, to ensure that everyone, especially at-risk populations, have access to these resources. Whether it’s a one-on-one educational workshop or an American Diabetes Association EXPO® that provides services for thousands, we are present in all communities.

Upon diagnosis

Being diagnosed with diabetes can be an uncertain and scary time.  The Association is there for people at this critical time in their lives, providing the right resources and answers at the right time. Our Living with Type 2 Diabetes program has been designed as a constant companion throughout the first year after diagnosis to provide information and guidance.  We’re ready to lend support so no one has to face diabetes alone.

Supporting families

Diabetes doesn’t only affect individuals, it affects families.  Living with diabetes can turn even the most routine moments into challenges and can make children and families feel isolated and misunderstood. The American Diabetes Association is there to support families through their journey. Mailed to families across the country, our Everyday Wisdom® Kit provides guidance for important milestones for children living with diabetes, while our mentor programs provide the personal support needed from parents who understand from first-hand experience.

Leading cutting edge research

The American Diabetes Association funds innovative and groundbreaking diabetes research with two goals in mind: working toward a cure while unveiling discoveries that help people with diabetes live longer and healthier lives.  Throughout the years, the Association has invested more than $600 million and provided funding for nearly 4,000 research projects, with an emphasis on training new investigators and seeking innovative approaches to preventing, treating, and curing diabetes.  Our research has led to many advances for people with diabetes, including the introduction of more effective forms of insulin, laser treatments to prevent blindness, and new oral diabetes medications.  Our research allows people to lead healthier and more productive lives every day.

Setting the standards of care

To Stop Diabetes, there must be a standard in the treatment, as well as the prevention, of diabetes.  Each year, the American Diabetes Association releases its Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes, which health care professionals around the world use as their go-to source for how to treat patients with diabetes and those at risk for diabetes.  The standards are based on the most current science, and provide the best possible guidance for diagnosing and treating adults and children with all forms of diabetes.

Providing tools and resources

From books and brochures to an award-winning website and a toll-free national call center, the Association stands ready to address the needs of people with diabetes all across the nation. We are just a phone call or click away, ready to provide answers and resources for any diabetes questions anyone may have. With more than one million visits per month to our web site and 250,000 calls per year to our call center, we are the go-to source for free diabetes information.

Celebrating health

It takes courage, determination and the boost that recognition can bring to overcome the obstacles of living with diabetes.  Red Riders and Red Striders are exactly the type of people who exemplify those qualities. They are people living with diabetes who take part in our signature fundraising events and are a driving force in the movement to Stop Diabetes®. Step Out:  Walk to Stop Diabetes® , the Association’s signature fundraising walk, is one of the Association’s largest fundraisers and provides the opportunity for our Red Striders to receive recognition for all their courage in facing diabetes. The Tour de Cure® is a family cycling event with bike routes designed for everyone to participate, including Red Riders.

In addition, Our Father of the Year events, a special, annual fundraiser, shine a spotlight on outstanding fathers each year. Chosen for their ability to balance family commitments, work in the community and achieve success in the business world, these individuals are truly deserving of their honor and recognition.

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