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  • Talking Type 1: Karen Foos
    Diabetes is a disease that affects the whole family, especially when a child is diagnosed. Parents of children diagnosed with diabetes face overwhelming, and sometimes frightening, questions.

  • Diabetes Camp: Where Friendships Grow on Common Ground
    It’s summer, which for many families means one thing: time to send the kids off to camp. Summer camp is about making friends, new experiences, learning and, most importantly, having fun.

  • Keeping Your Child Safe at School This Fall
    The crisp fall days of a new school year are fast approaching. While children across the country are picking up new Superman backpacks and Sponge Bob Square Pants lunch boxes, the families of kids with diabetes have a longer list of supplies to gather.

  • Take a Guess: What Are the Most-Asked Questions about Diabetes?
    While every person who contacts the American Diabetes Association's Center for Information and Community Support has a unique situation, there are patterns among the questions that they get every day. Here is a round up of some of the most popular questions and answers—because, chances are, they have crossed your mind too.

  • Stop Diabetes® From Knocking You Off Your Feet
    People with diabetes can develop many different foot problems, and even seemingly simple ones can lead to serious complications. But most people can prevent serious foot troubles by following some simple steps.

  • Better Health for Moms and Babies
    Gestational diabetes poses serious risks to both mother and baby, including high birth weight (with increased risk of birth injury or cesarean delivery), neonatal hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) and preeclampsia. What warning signs should every mom-to-be be looking out for?

  • One Woman's Diabetes 'Revolution'
    We recently had the opportunity to meet Sofia Spentzas, an extraordinary woman from the Chicago area whose life has been touched by diabetes in multiple ways. Her journey toward better health has led to opportunities she never could have dreamed of, even landing her on reality TV!

  • Why I Ride to Stop Diabetes®: Tony Castillo
    We recently met Tony Castillo, a 40-year-old teacher from Odessa, Texas, who in mere months transformed himself from self-proclaimed couch potato to "athlete in training." On July 28, he'll ride for 32 miles in the Dallas/Fort Worth Tour de Cure®, with his son by his side.

  • A New Face for Forecast
    Diabetes Forecast is the go-to source for the nearly 26 million Americans who are living with diabetes. See how new features, a new logo and a new editorial director combine to give this healthy living magazine a face-left.

  • Recap of the 72nd Scientific Sessions
    The American Diabetes Association's 72nd Scientific Sessions, the largest diabetes meeting in the world, brought together the world's leading experts on diabetes for five days of scientific presentations, discussions, and analysis of cutting-edge research on type 1 and type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, prediabetes, and obesity and other risk factors.

  • Talking Type 1: David Mercurio
    Because it was thought to only strike children and teens, type 1 diabetes was known as juvenile diabetes for a long time. The truth is, though, a growing number of adults are being diagnosed with it. See how one 25-year old reacts to his recent type 1 diagnosis.

  • Diabetes Camp: A Home Away from Home
    For more than 70 years, the American Diabetes Association’s Diabetes Camps have provided a special time for kids with diabetes. Camp is a place to gain self-confidence, learn more about diabetes self-management, make life-long friends with other kids with diabetes and simply to have a great time.

  • Because Diabetes Doesn’t Take Recess
    For some parents, back-to-school time is a highly anticipated and exciting annual ritual, but for parents of children with diabetes this can trigger a large headache.